Commander S’Barks

Commander S’Barks is the no-nonsense, seasoned leader of the Super Action Academy. As a new recruit, you’ll report to him – and you don’t want to get on his bad side! He’s ruff, gruff and tuff on crime.

Darby Doohickey

True to his name, Darby Doohickey teaches Gadgets, Gizmos and Doohickeys at the Academy. You might have heard of some of his latest and greatest inventions; the Carrot Deconstructor 5000, for example, can turn anything big or small or small or big!

Beatrix the Cat

Beatrix teaches the Computer Command and Technology class. She’s a computer whiz and expert video gamer, but dreams of one day wearing her cape, going outside and fighting crime. There’s just one problem: she’s an indoor cat!

Mrs. Agnes Loftbottom

Mrs. Agnes Loftbottom runs Flight School 101. From runner to runway, thrust to throttle, every good superhero needs to learn how to fly! But first, you’ll need to pass her class – and it won’t be easy. Feathers up!

Leonard D. Badger

What does the “D” stand for? Don’t ask. Badger’s life of crime is constantly being interrupted by Commander S’Barks and the SAA. He’s had enough of heroes getting in his way, and he’s got a scheme to end the SAA for good!

Jean-Luc and Jean-Luc

Which one is which? Nobody knows! These French bulldogs are Badger’s loyal partners in crime. Though they don’t speak much English, they are ready to carry out whatever nefarious plan their scoundrel of a boss has cooked up!

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